Praise for A Heart Torn, A Soul Mended

USA Book News Award - Finalist in Health: Addiction and Recovery (2011)

USA Book News Awards - Finalist in Health: Death & Dying (2011)


“Tricia Wolfe’s book tells the story of a journey that will help and enlighten others on many of life’s difficult paths. Her book conveys the wide range of emotions that people experience, emotions that are likely overwhelming and scary to the bereaved parent and parent whose child has bipolar disorder. The fact that her path has led her to a healthier place is encouraging and hopeful.”

 ~Kathleen Pruchnik, BA, MS in Clinical Psychology 

“As a bereaved mother, I found Wolfe’s book to be quite comforting. I enjoyed reading her words as I could identify with her feelings. This book gave me hope that someday the pain in my life will be less severe, that my wounds will not be so intense.”
~Ruth Ann Ewing, bereaved mother of Danny,  member of The Compassionate Friends, pharmacist 

"Tricia Wolfe's book touched me deeply.  Her poetry and visualizations were so explicit that i felt her pain and saw her images.  I heard her messages as if I was experiencing them myself.  Her metaphors are profound.  In A Heart Torn, A Soul Mended,  Wolfe shares specific examples of how she transformed her life after experiencing a tragedy that left her plummeting into despair, isolation and hopelessness.  She leaves the reader inspired with hope by her resilience.  In summary, Tricia tells us an inspiring story of how she reached out of herself, learned to forgive, to move on and how she grew spiritually and emotionally to a place of peace."

~ Scottie,  MSW

"Wolfe's story is one of how rebirth and renewal can emerge out of extreme grief. It is a journey of courage and inner strength, of searching and willingness to see - and more importantly, to feel. Few would choose this journey, but those who take it emerge stronger and more aware. Those who read this story can be grateful to the author for her willingness to share not only her story, but also her inner secret heart and the growth that comes from embracing life's lessons. "
~Pamela, Stephen Minister via

"A Heart Torn, A Soul Mended" is an insightful and powerful piece of work that provides insight into an area of victimology that is seldom addressed - victims who are survivors of excessive and unnecessary police force. In this candid, thoughtful, and revealing book, Wolfe captures her most intimate thoughts and feelings through a focused and simplistic prose that leaves you gasping to know more about her pain and transformations that have occurred as a result of the gifts left behind by her son Brad who was killed at the hands of police. Her experience clearly demonstrates the brutality of a stoic criminal justice system that victimizes survivors of lost loved ones at the hands of ill-equipped and over-reactive police. A Heart Torn, A Soul Mended is a must read and an excellent supplemental reader for any victimology course because it provides substantial insight into the pain and anguish of those tossed aside by the system that is intended "to protect and to serve." Wolfe should be applauded for courageously sharing her most difficult and intimate journey with us. Having taught criminal justice courses for more than twenty years, I highly recommend A Heart Torn, A Soul Mended." As a victim, the healing process may take many years. Closure and healing is not yet complete for Ms. Wolfe and I look forward to reading more about how her journey has progressed. Thank you for sharing this difficult and painful journey in your life."
~Daniel Gutierrez, Professor of Criminal Justice. 

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