The Author


 A degreed professional with a B.S. in Physical Therapy from Ohio State University and
 an M.A. in Education from the University of Michigan, Tricia's 
professional career has always been  a  mix of  teaching  practical pointers and giving quiet compassion.  In 1992 she established Child  Life  Therapy, which  provided  therapy services to physically and mentally challenged children. 

      “I believe balance in the body and the heart is the gateway to balance in mind and spirit.  When I  worked  with children’s bodies, I knew it was just as important for me to be present for the hearts of  their  parents as  it was to treat their children. I
 understood early in my career that my being  present  for those parents  enabled  those parents to  be present for their children.” 

     Tricia’s work experience also includes being a Physical Therapy Instructor at Oakland University  in Michigan and a Physical Therapist Assistant Instructor at Brown Mackie College in Indiana.

    “What I enjoy most about higher education is sharing my practical knowledge as well as my  passion for  my profession.  I love seeing the light bulb click when students understand that  someday they too will touch  people’s lives, that they will have the skills which can make a  difference  to someone who is hurting.”

     On the personal side, Tricia is a divorced woman and mother of three sons. Her middle son Brad died    tragically at the age of 29.  Brad’s death put her on a path where she seeks to share lessons learned in the  aftermath of deep anguish.

     Her book, A Heart Torn, A Soul Mended describes the journey of a bereaved mother and her experience mothering a son with mental illness and substance abuse. Often, the death of a child breaks a parent’s spirit.   “For anyone, the will to move forward in the aftermath of a traumatic experience is initially crushed.  One thing I learned is that it is necessary to embrace this crushing moment. I had to spend a lot of time just resting in the reality of my personal trauma before I could find inner peace.” It has been said that you must go through the darkest night in order to get to the infinite light. “In my life, I have experienced many dark nights.”  Given the different traumas, tragedies and losses in her life, Tricia is in a unique position to assist others who seek to mend their torn hearts.

     Tragedy affects each person in a unique way. Tricia aspires to guide men and women who are ready to tap into their inner resources and discover their hidden powers. Courageous Journeys is a course she has designed where participants will discover how to let go of heavy baggage and live a more centered, joy filled life.  Unlike the usual format of lecture and teacher teaching, Tricia’s course is learner centered.  Courageous Journeys is a “hands on” class where each individual acquires tools they can use to mend their torn hearts. Students will leave with an understanding of how they can journey forward in their life. 

    “My mission is to facilitate the growth of those who struggle with the aftermath of trauma, tragedy and loss.  When life presents challenges, which seem more like obstacles, there are many paths to choose from: whether to go around, over, under or through those obstacles.  Or even, to stand still, defeated, unable to move.  In my course, I guide those who need hope and give them a toolbox for removing obstacles."

       A Heart Torn, A Soul Mended: A Bereaved Parent's Search for Harmony is her first published book. 

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