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A Heart Torn, A Soul Mended: A Bereaved Parent's Search for Harmony BookAbout the Book:

From the outside, Tricia Wolfe's life seemed perfect; she was married to a successfull attorney, had raised three loving, yet challenging boys, and was a successful therapist.  On One March evening in 2003, her life changed. Her son, Brad, was killed.  What most people don't know is that Brad had been diagnosed as bipolar with psychotic tendencies.  Brad's early death sent Tricia into a spiral, questioning everything that had been her past; her Catholic upbringing, her family relationships, even her view as a woman.  From the depths of despair, Tricia rose above and became the woman she only knew about from her dreams.

Inside A Heart Torn, A Soul Mended: A Bereaved Parent's Search for Harmony, the reader will learn how a mother's love endured through her son's bipolar illness and his eventual death.

"An emotion packed story of a bereaved parent whose son had bipolar illness.”

“Like a friend, Wolfe’s words inspire & comfort those who walk life’s difficult paths”

"This book gave me hope that the pain in my life will be less severe, that my wounds will someday be less intense.” 

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